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Our Vision.

Our vision is simple at Shield Comfort Heating and Cooling.  Our vision is to provide our clients with REAL service, and REAL solutions for their home comfort needs. We want to change the outdated world of  our current heating and cooling industry by providing unparalleled service solutions.  What do we do different you ask? For starters, our techs receive no commission, or bonus on what they "sell" you.  They are paid fairly for their experience and knowledge.  By allowing our tech to make a good living with out pushy sales tactics you're sure to always be number one.


The fellas that own Shield Comfort heating and Cooling were once technicians themselves, Their position as a representative to the company offered them the knowledge to understand what needed to be different. They found that within today's economy, most people can't just "throw away" what doesn't work. Also it didn't go unnoticed that the world really just needed to throw less away. As heating and Cooling techs ourselves, We've seen and experienced a lot over the years with other heating and cooling companies. High prices, versus low value in what you as a homeowner are getting.  This is what Shield Comfort Heating and Cooling are aiming to change.

Our Solution.

With so many companies out there doing the same thing, and following similar business plans we recognize the opportunity to build better relationships with our clients. At Shield Comfort Heating and Cooling we aim to offer homeowners reasonable solutions for their heating and cooling needs.

Some of the actions we're taking to provide this type of service are:

  • No pushy sales tactics

  • Better equipment warranties

  • Better Labor Warranties

  • Knowledgeable Technicians 

  • No commission


And the list goes on.  But the important thing to you as our client is that by doing things different, you can relax when we come to your home for heating and cooling service. You won't be waiting for the typical sales pitch that you'll find with so many other companies who reward their techs for high sales. 

Our Services.

In a nut shell, we offer solutions to all of you heating and cooling needs including air quality. Here are just a few of our services:


And the list goes on!  Call us today, and protect your comfort with a Shield of Confidence.

Shield Comfort Heating and Cooling Service Areas

With two locations serving many areas it's hard to not always have Shield Comfort Heating and Cooling services at your door when you need us! Anytime you have a Heating or cooling emergency, or even if you just want to schedule a furnace or AC tune up. Shield Comfort Heating and Cooling can be to your home with little wait time. We even offer Free Second Opinions! We do everything we can to offer our clients with the best heating and AC service possible.

HVAC Services by Shield Comfort Heating and Cooling

​We're proud to say that the HVAC services we offer, we do so in the most personable way.  We try hard to ensure every client we see knows their service was the best, and that they are the number one focus.  We speak with our clients to truly understand their concerns and problems with their heater, furnace, and air conditioner.  After which we perform a complete diagnostic and evaluation of the heating and cooling system.  Then with plain, straight forward language, our technician will explain the problems causing your discomfort.  We use real terms like capacitor, and igniter.  We will NOT give you made up terms like "voltage absorption unit" or "combustion enabler" with the intent to throw you off like some other guys.  Our technicians will always ensure you understand fully the HVAC and indoor air quality solutions we can offer.  When we've completed your service you can rest assured that your no heat, no cool, or indoor air quality concern has been rectified with quality, and integrity.  You are always the one to call the shots.​

Here are just some of our offered services!

24 Hour Emergency Service

Heater Repair

AC Repair

Geothermal Repair

Furnace Tune Up

Residential HVAC Service

Commercial HVAC Service

Duct Cleaning

Indoor Air Quality

Preventative Maintenance

Furnace Replacement

AC Replacement

Heat Pump Repair

Heat pump Installation

About Shield Comfort Heating and Cooling.

Shield Comfort Heating & Cooling offers affordable solutions to furnace, and air conditioner repairs, as well as heating furnace and air conditioner equipment installation needs. We pride ourselves in being a blue collar company that offers real solutions for real people. Not that white shirt company only interested in big sales. Our engineers are highly qualified and trained to repair your furnace, heater, air conditioner, geothermal, heat pump, or boiler. The qualified engineer dispatched to your home will never pressure you to buy, and will always communicate effectively what is needed to correct the problem with your furnace, heater, or air conditioner. try us today and protect your comfort with the Shield of confidence. Shield Comfort Heating & Cooling for your service and repair needs.


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