Free Furnace with AC Purchase.

For a limited time, When you purchase your Trane Air Conditioner with Shield Comfort Heating and Cooling you'll get the furnace for free and pay only the labor.  Best thing is, we are offering a furnace of applicable size and tonnage for your home. 

System will have full manufacturers parts warranty, and 1 year labor warranty. Select systems qualify for extended warranties.  See below for more detail.

Stay Healthy With Clean Air

These days with the concern of sickness caused by the flue, and the Corona virus we're here to help! 


For a limited time you can get your ducts cleaned for $300*!  That's an incredible price that you will not find at any of our large competitors

Getting the dust, and potential dead and living critters out of your duct work is a great way to help you breath better air.  But if you feel you need even more we will add Sanitizing for ONLY $50 dollars more!  

We individually sanitize every run in your home with a compressed air atomization system that is moved through the duct work where the sanitizing agent adheres to the inside walls of your duct work for a nearly 100% retention in your duct system.  This is a better method of sanitizing than the "fogging" method used by some companies.  The fogging method is less efficient because instead of using a direct application method, it requires that a vaporizer is used and sprayed into the blower compartment where it is blown straight through the duct system and over 90% is blown directly back into the living space of your home.  

For those needing even more peace of mind, we are offering your choice of either an ionizing, or photocataylitic oxidation air cleaning system installed for only $650**.

This is a combined price of $1000 if you take all options.

  • Basic Duct Cleaning

  • Air Purifier system

  • Sanitizing                     

You won't find this deal anywhere else but here, and we're pretty certain no one can beat it.  The offer is for a very limited time so act quickly!

LIMITED TIME OFFER.Get an air purifier installed on your system with a 99% effective kill rate on allergens, bacteria, viruses, and VOC. Keep Your family healthier this flu season.  Click the button below to view and read about the Reme Halo. $750 if you schedule in March.  $600 if you schedule with your duct cleaning.  No One can beat this deal!

*Price includes up to 15 vents, which covers an average sized home.  There is an additional charge of $30 per additional vent/opening.

** Price is for one system.  Customer has their choice of either the ionizing, or the photo catalytic system.  Installation is only impaired by by duct work, filter, and furnace configuration. This is not a common occurrence, however the Customer will be notified if there are any concerns with configuration.

Free Furnace offer includes Standard 80% AFUE furnace with full manufacturer warranty and does not include labor or special alterations outside of an average installation.  Furnace will be of correct BTU/h and Tonnage for the home and AC system.  Offer DOES NOT include high efficiency models and upgrade fees apply.

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