Smart Plan Maintenance Club

Shield Comfort Heating & Cooling offers heating and cooling maintenance that is second to none! We are the best in the business, and we can prove it. We do so by carefully servicing all parts of your system. We don't just come in and wipe it down or pretend to vacuum out the cabinet. We thoroughly inspect your system by systematically checking and adjusting every individual part and cleaning as we go. The statement is often made from our clients that they've never seen anyone do that before. And that's how we prove we are the best. By setting ourselves apart with unparalleled service and doing everything we can to make sure you get through the season trouble free.

We further separate ourselves from the pack with our Smart Plan. We call it the smart plan because it adjusts to fit your needs and your budget. Maintenance plans are typically all similar and priced closely to one another. They consist of 20 point inspections for a price that is far above the coupons and specials you can find in the mail. Shield Comfort offers several packages at different prices to meet the needs of our clients. After all, why pay more than you have to? We have plans that cover everything between safety checks to full service 60 point tune up and inspections. Our packages start as low as $50 and our most popular plan is more affordable than our competition. Call us today, or fill out the contact form to schedule an appointment and we will come out at no charge to assess your needs and provide you with your personalized package and you can see why we call our plan, the Smart Plan.


Save Money with the Smart Plan

The Shield Comfort Smart Plan begins with a basic plan and then adjusts to fit your needs. Being on the smart plan affords you the opportunity to find problems and correct them before they become costly repairs forcing you to take time off work or loosing a good nights sleep. Repairs taken care of during scheduled visits save you money and are performed at a great discounted rate. Not to mention no trip fees or service calls. All of our Smart Plan preventative maintenance packages include discounts on all of our services and include the following basics.

  • 15% off repairs

  • 5% off system installation

  • 10% off air quality products

  • Reduced or Free service calls

  • Up to 50% off for common repairs during visit.

  • Peace of mind!

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