Heat Pump Replacement Service

The day it's installed is probably the most important day in the life of your new heat pump. This day will determine the life span of your heat pump, it's reliability, and it's efficiency. We put a lot of thought into how your heat pump is installed, and we do it as if it were our home. So many variables from proper purging techniques to eliminating oxidizing, to proper brazing materials. Most Problems you had with your old system were likely from a poor installation.  The equipment you purchased maybe top a of the line heat pump, but if it’s not installed properly, it will create big problems later on.  Our guys will always take into consideration the things that are important to ensure you have a long happy ownership with your new Amana Heat pump. 

We install premium Amana Brand Comfort systems made in the USA with unbeatable warranties. Many with lifetime heat pump replacement warranties and ten year labor warranties. And yes, we also install gas furnace heat pump packages as well with the same amazing warranties. 

Our technicians are experienced and reliable professionals that can install and repair any kind of Heat pump, and we’re available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Air Conditioner  Financing

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Heat Pump Replacement Products

We sell Amana Brand Heat pump and Dual Fuel systems for one simple reason.  Reliability! Amana has spent years creating a heat pump that is worry free and dependable.  We install their product because they believe in their product. By that we mean they offer unparalleled warranties and support. 

With other brands, if you purchase their top end equipment, the warranties are 10 year manufacturers parts, and 10 year Compressor warranty, . Amana matches that warranty and improves on it by offering longer better warranties. How does Amana improve on their warranty over other manufacturers. Many of their heat pumps that achieve a 14 seer rating and up have a warranty 10 years parts, AND A LIFETIME UNIT REPLACEMENT WARRANTY!  They even offer 10 year labor warranties on their 16 seer and higher efficiency equipment.  When you have an Amana heat pump installed, you could just own it for life.  You can have peace of mind knowing that if anything happens to your unit it can be taken care of without worry.

When you purchase a new heat pump replacement for your home, it really is an investment.  You work hard for your money, and your home.  You deserve the reliability, and confidence of a brand with reliability and excellent warranties.

Contact us today, and schedule your free estimate. Have a look at financing options and apply for pre-appoval. See what Amana brings to the table, and protect your comfort with a Shield of Confidence.

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